The desire to cross artistic experiences is born from their meeting at the Centre des bords de Marne and their respective discovery. During their discussions, the reflection around instant composition opened up to this musical and dance adventure.

The performance is imbued with poetry and its energy comes from the mutual listening, the present moment and the permanent dialogue between the music and dance.

This “impromptu” for three dancers and two musicians, offers a magical and unique moment, an amazing and explosive parenthesis, a perpetual discovery of what can be created over the imagination and the unfolding of scenic events, by resonance effect and by poetic frictions.

In the sharing of the organic energy of their dance, with the physicality of the music accentuating the perception of the moment, the communicative pleasure of the artists is given towards the audience, which is constantly taken to an unexpected place.

This creation of the “immediate”, like a nude, causes pending and suspens. The piece is exhilarating by provoking the risk and challenge that can be felt at any moment. It sublimates the sensation of enjoyable freedom for the spectators. The surprise effect is endless, it flourishes through the exploration of the pure present.

“Our way of living and sharing dance comes from this idea of passage. To take a step is like to distance yourself and take the risk of something new.”

Christian et François Ben Aïm

Today, I moved toward a music that is my truth, which I have built sensation after sensation, emotion after emotion. This music moves through several idioms nested in each other, as close as possible to my creative instincts, freeing me from an aesthetic family.

Jean-Marie Machado

Dossier on demand: tournees@cfbenaim.com

Below, a short extract from the performance proposed by Christian and François to celebrate their three years of residence at the Center des Bords de Marne, a moment chosen to see rich artistic accompaniments, in particular with Jean-Marie Machado.

Artistic team and partners

Interprètes danse : Christian Ben Aïm François Ben Aïm Thibaut Eiferman

Intérprètes musique : Jean-Marie Machado Christophe Marguet

Production : CFB 451 et Cantabile

Soutien : Centre des Bords de Marne, Le Perreux-sur-Marne (94)
Création – 7 Décembre 2019