SNAPSHOTS is a series of solos performed by women and choreographed by Christian and François Ben Aïm, thus far :

> The first solo, SNAPSHOTS #1 Anne-Flore de Rochambeau, is performed by Anne-Flore de Rochambeau, a choreographic artist who develops her work in Montreal. Following a first meeting with Christian and François Ben Aïm in Cayenne in 2015 regarding the piece Dévore-moi, il n’y a rien à craindre, order of Touka Danse – CDC Guyana, Anne-Flore joins in September 2017 the project Instantanés for the first solo of the serie.

> The second solo, SNAPSHOTS #2 Léa Lansade, is a nocturnal crossing between dream and watch over the Métamorphoses nocturnes, Ligeti’s first quartet, performed by the Quatuor Voce. This piece by Ligeti, both expressive and extravagant, summons up a dreamlike world in all its contrasts, subtly shifting from tragic to ironic. Unfolding through the prism of dreams and the unconscious, this solo alternates from serious to burlesque in tone to evoke enchantment, regression, freedom and evanescence!

This work creates a dialogue between intimate impulses and disruptive external forces. It unfolds like a fragmentary study of the things that constitute an identity, considered as matter in flux.

Each solo is an opportunity to reveal a new form of energy that comes from beneath the surface, is unknown, and partly reserved. This study references the haiku, the poetry of instants. Through movement and action, the choreographers try to seize this immediate, fleeting emotion like a photographer captures a decisive moment.

These short pieces, light forms for both stage and in situ performances, may be presented indoors or outdoors. The solos can exist independently and alone, or be grouped together in a configuration that adapts to each occasion and space.

In time, this series of brief female portraits will form a mosaic, a kaleidoscope with multiple entry points and combinations.


Artistic team and partners

Interpretation Snapshots #1 : Anne-Flore de Rochambeau

Interpretation Snapshots #2 : Léa Lansade Quatuor Voce

Production : CFB451

Creation Snapshots #1 : Creation on 15th july 2018 – La belle scène saint-denis au Théâtre La Parenthèse
à Avignon
co-organized by Théâtre Louis Aragon de Tremblay-en-France and Théâtre Gérard Philipe de Saint-Denis

Creation Snapshots #2 : Creation on 29th january 2019, Scène Nationale d’Aubusson

Support Snapshots #1 : La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne, micadanses – Paris, Théâtre de Châtillon (92)

Acknowledgments Snapshots #1 : Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Coproduction Snapshots #2 : micadanses – Paris

Support Snapshots #2 : Atelier de Paris / Centre de développement chorégraphique national

Writing Residence Snapshots #2 : Monastère de Saorge as part of  “Monuments en mouvement”
by Centre des monuments nationaux