We were warned. The play of Christian and François Ben Aïm would be performed in the first part of Manoel de Oliveira’s film. A choreographic «curtain raiser», before diving into fantastic. We were tempted, enticed by the fun but fleeting memories of another «mouthing», in which Christian, the youngest, arose on a tiny bike, a Red Riding Hood with half-court shoes or like an unleashed lumberjack (Louves , 2008). Here, in contrast, no beautiful scenery, just a soundtrack featuring a patchwork of classic tunes. And a dancer falsely sick of dancing. Rare and unclassifiable, the Ben Aïm Brothers come from pantomime. This is reflected in their body language, touching with modesty, and a worked awkwardness. There’s something a little outdated in this idea of «curtain raiser «. Also shifted is the play, evoking almost mechanically – by the framework and format – short burlesque films. In this solo, which gives us a taste of a duet and a trio to come, a sort of Buster Keaton in the feminine scale (among others) in Swan Lake … We plunge willingly.

Artistic team and partners