Dansed brotherhood of Christian and François Ben Aïm

They do everything together. And separately. One dances or choreographies, so does the other one. Until July 26th at La Caserne des pompiers, with the support of Région Champagne-Ardenne, this small family business is a hit with Valse en trois temps, composed of a duet, a solo and a trio.

” We’ve always done everything together, says Christian Ben Aim, 35. At College, in High school, we discovered mime, theater and dance. I followed big brother – François being five years older than I am. Sometimes we do not know if we’re still brothers, or choreographers at first, but we truly respect our family bond. ”

Anomaly in the context of contemporary dance, the Ben Aïm brothers have also everything of an incongruity. They love, they adore dance that dances, the one that seeks pleasure and exaltation in the original movement sequences. And they succeed wonderfully, inventing a fluid and light writing, very swing in the hips, swirling on stage as a whipped cream is brought up.
They also have the joyous mood, enjoying pleasure itself, the one that gives the motion a life-threatening emergency. On jazz music, a great remix of classical ballet scores and blues pop group Tiger Lillies, the brothers are free men who have nothing to sell or demonstrate.

Artistic team and partners