The brothers do the splits with two propositions: Ten years separate the trio O my brother! of their latest creation Valse en trois temps.
As they prepare for their next creation The Ogress, Christian and François Ben Aïm take the time to stop at the Avignon Festival to show the evolution of a real work of the company, in a dance-theater way with the same desire for frank physicality and a complicit relationship with the music .

O my brother, created in 2011, drew pictures of the photographer Josef Koudelka and gathered three dancers in a fraternal saga where the harshness of life in a body to body choreography flirting with fight or brawl, on Leonard Cohen’s music. They also present their latest creation, designed as a triptych exploring three different musical styles. Valse en trois temps has the generosity of projects designed without complex nor constraints: a solo, duet and trio carried by the two choreographers and dancers who know well the style of the two brothers. The duo is gaining momentum in a relationship man wife-swinging up and carrying away the bodies; the trio offers both dark and comic accents on the crazy universe of the Tiger Lillies. More surprisingly, the solo reveals a finer and more abstract writing, which Aurélie Berland incarnates with great accuracy. Always on the wire and a great delicacy, she takes us through different states composed and recomposed on greatest hits of classical music. To be enjoyed without moderation.

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