Karma, the history of life

There are just two benches on stage. Here, the scenery is the bodies. It all starts with a cup of coffee and Western-style music. As if inhabited by the music, the bodies loosen up and move. Then humour comes into play, in the form of mimicry and miming, making us smile and laugh. A spirited battle follows, both against themselves and the world.

Karma is the new work by the Danse Windows project, initiated by Carolyn Carlson to promote contemporary dance. Created in 2013 by Christian and François Ben Aïm, this choreography blends classical dance, contemporary dance and hip-hop. The whole is harmonious and the spectator is transported into a mystical world that’s impossible to leave.
With their eyes raised to the sky, the dancers (Marco Chenevier, Yutaka Nakata and Alhousseyni N’Diaye) seem to invoke a divine power and surrender to it. Does the end of the show represent the end of life or the start of a new cycle? The piece concludes with the dance of the “crystal woman”, who represents man’s weakness, but also his inner strength and determination. It is a magnificent moment that makes us want the dancer to rise up endlessly, to move us once more.

Artistic team and partners