Ô mon frère! […] This piece was performed in Avignon this summer. They scored a little hit with their absolutely delightful trio Ô mon frère!. It is an old piece (2001) that dates back to the start of the duo’s career. The intense trio felt all the more intimate in the round room of the Condition des Soies theatre. It is a tragic pilgrimage, an endless march, both intense and painful. The body language evokes a masculine camaraderie, the dance of brothers in arms. It develops in sequences linked to a very subtle soundtrack that mixes Leonard Cohen with the sound of the wind. There is no narrative, contrasting with the choreographers’ reputation for theatricality, but a succession of flashes of exhausted heroism of the kind so often seen at the end of Westerns, when the heroes are all the more handsome in their exhaustion. A stick is passed from one to another, transforming from a weapon to a crutch, and the three performers juggle and move forward and hesitate before coming together again. The rough dance movements recall wrestling, capoeira, and martial arts, even if this is not always intentional. Ten years after its creation, the whole trio is still a remarkable expression of the powerful connection that enables the Ben Aïm brothers to work together. In this, there is something almost poetic about it.

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