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Je ressens une exaspération définitive concernant ce que je “fus”, à tel point que le passé ici s’impose. Sentiment soudain d’une très grande vieillesse, impression très claire que ce que j’étais encore il y a quelques instants est devenu très vieux, proche d’être définitivement obsolète, et surtout, ce qui est particulièrement grisant, que rien étonnamment ne s’empresse de s’accaparer la place laissée vide. Dans le ressenti de cet “état d’être”, cette question d’obsolescence se focalise notamment sur mon travail d’écrivain, sur ma relation à l’écriture, et j’ai le sentiment limpide qu’elle va dorénavant se vivre différemment. Plus rien ne se pensera plus à la manière de « S C», définitivement hors de mon rapport à moi-même, l’action devenue autonome se vivra dans ce beau vide référentiel, sans style, ma « sauce habituelle », dans l’ignorance et l’indifférence de qui je fus.

Correspondances, Simon Cranbafeni

This solo dance piece launches an assault on the Self, in a fury of beats – by turn raw and sensitive – unleashed by a bass guitar and drums duo, who perform live on stage.

A maze of thirty steles with varying properties that shift and change becomes the minefield of the “I”, which is by turn agitated, stable and blind.

We wave goodbye to our certainties, moving between resistance and renunciation, surrender and deliverance.

The piece investigates the different states of being when faced with the Self and is driven by a rhythmic, animalistic dance in which nothing is created consciously, but arises in what escapes.

The movement makes our faults resonate, exposes the cracks, and reveals the fragile strata we consist of, so we can detach from them more easily.

What will be the outcome? Elimination or renewal?

So this is a solo about letting go; a journey between states dramatised by dance and the stage, where attachment, resistance, renunciation, surrender and deliverance are played out.

This act of decentering the Self in order to escape from it requires the harnessing of new, specific creative processes that for some must still be invented.

To see this experience to its conclusion, even the intervention of conscious desire is put to one side, as the piece draws its key material exclusively from elements elaborated in dreams or revealed under hypnosis. The focus is on the idea that all the choreographic material should be sourced from the heart of the author, without allowing him to claim anything – neither affiliation, nor ownership.

The project’s uniqueness also lies in the intention not to “create” anything and to bring out only pre-existing elements, by “offering” them the possibility of being achieved.

The piece will concentrate on body states and dance states. Rather than a story, the experience of letting go must be a test in which the dancer’s body – before all other elements – drives the dramatic phases of the piece through successive choreographic moves.

Media kit available on request

Artistic team and partners

Choregraphy and performance : François Ben Aïm

Composition et performance (electric bass) : Olivier Lété / Alternately with Frédéric Chiffoleau for the performance

Composition et performance (drums) : Emmanuel Scarpa

Scenography : Camille Duchemin

Lights : Laurent Patissier

Production : CFB 451

Coproductions : Théâtre de Rungis ; Théâtre de Châtillon

Choreographic residencies : La Briqueterie – CDC du Val-de-Marne, Vitry-sur-Seine ; CDC Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson ; KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille

Supports : ADAMI ; Théâtre des Bergeries, Noisy-le-Sec ; Espace Georges Simenon, Rosny-sous-Bois ; Centre Culturel des Portes de l’Essonne ; CND de Pantin pour le prêt de studios