©Charlotte Kiefer

This piece is a collaboration between the choreographers Christian and François Ben Aïm, directors Angélique Friant and David Girondin-Moab (Pseudonymo company, Reims), and the composer Philippe Le Goff (Césaré/CNCM de Reims).

It is a collective work created at the frontiers of dance and puppetry, in which the objects and bodies in play bring out chimerical figures in perpetual metamorphosis. Illusory beings come to life around a cocoon made of golden thread, alternately repulsed and attracted by what appears to deliver life as much as death. Is this the altar of an almighty divinity? The cradle of a lost civilisation? The mystery remains unsolved.

Artistic team and partners

Conception : François Ben Aïm, Christian Ben Aïm, Angélique Friant and David Girondin Moab

Performance : François Ben Aïm, Christian Ben Aïm, Angélique Friant or Virginie Schell, David Girondin Moab

Music : Philippe Le Goff

Mask and puppet design : David Girondin Moab

Set construction : Gérard Friant, Sophie Hauller, Catherine Hugot, Mélanie Rebolj, Chloé Porée, Evandro Serodio, under the direction of David Girondin Moab

Lighting director : Stéphane Bordonaro

Sound director : Samuel Gamet

Production : CFB 451, Compagnie Pseudonymo and Le Jardin Parallèle

Coproductions : Théâtre de La Madeleine – scène conventionnée de Troyes / Le Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières / Césaré – Centre national de création musicale / Le Manège – scène nationale de Reims / SVET des Coëvrons

Support : Opéra de Reims