©Frédéric Iovino

©Frédéric Iovino


Three men faced with a sweet truth about themselves, despite their struggle to maintain control of appearances and their obvious desire to play at being cowboys. The music sweeps them away, shows the fragile, delicate beings behind the façade, provides a glimpse of the endearing sincerity behind the awkwardness. It is only too clear that the men have been overwhelmed by an uncontrollable inner guiding force. Tenderness and humour creep in as we watch their contradictory movements, the way they gradually shed control. The group ritual gives way to the beauty of the individual movement as a troubling femininity unfolds.

Artistic team and partners

Choreography : Christian and François Ben Aïm

Performance : Marco Chenevier, Yutaka Nakata, Alhousseyni N’Diaye

Music : Jean-Baptiste Sabiani

Costumes : Emmanuelle Geoffroy

Creation team : Moustapha Ziane

Production : CCN de Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais – Carolyn Carlson, dans le cadre du dispositif Dansewindows

Choreographic residencies : Villes de Méricourt, Douvrin, Bruay-la-Buissière, Frévent

Artistic project support : Conseil Général du Pas-de-Calais