JETST, Choreography Christian et Francois Ben Aim, end of residence on Friday 20 December, Studio of CCN de Creteil. Dancers interprets : Johan Bichot, Christian Ben Aim (photo by Patrick Berger)

After The Lightness of the storms and BURN, Rebellious Hearts, Jests is the third piece about the momentum of life (desire, disobedience, joy).

For the first time, the intention is clearly to give to the work a humorous tone while exploring choreographic territory. The show will be about lightness, being out of step, casualness, with an ironic and mischievous writing style.

By the attention given to rhythm and acceleration, the absurd dimension of reality and the quotidian will be undisguised. The unusual will be combined with the undisciplined to propose a bold and robust side step. The choreography will explore the notion of divestiture, and the physical qualities that characterize it.

Through this piece, the research undertaken by the choreographers about the positioning of the performers is innovative: the play of the body is complete but distributed in such a way that makes the action seems to go beyond its actors rather than being their own effect.

11 weeks will be dedicated to the premiere, between May 2019 and end of 2020.

Artistic dossier on demand:

Below is a short extract from the presentation at the Geste (s) Group sets. The project is laureate 2020.

Artistic team and partners