Christian and François Ben Aïm are committed to a set of goals that form the bedrock of their vision: organising unique events, cultivating interest in other aesthetic modes of expression, and communicating their passion for dance to all types of audience from the experienced to the uninitiated, along with presenting the company’s creations, which is always a key opportunity to connect with their audience in different ways.

Their mission is to develop an artistic and cultural dynamic around their creative project and around the productions that the company presents in the areas and communities in which they work. Through these events, the company aims to strengthen and grow their audience across different generations, groups and individuals, and create a dialogue about the potential connections between their creative initiatives.
Christian and François Ben Aïm are especially keen to integrate their strategy into local communities by undertaking long-term residencies, enabling them to establish close and long-lasting relationships with their audience. These ongoing events promote mutual understanding and knowledge sharing, and can make a lasting impression.

These events take multiple forms, from regular choreographic workshops to more unusual projects, all organised with the help of their partner theatres, and with the genuine desire to engage, enthrall and inspire audiences today and tomorrow.