Fabien Almakiewicz

Fabien Almakiewicztrained in stained glass craftsmanship in Cahors before studying at Beaux-Arts School in Cherbourg and Marseille from 1997 to 2002. Then he attended a formation at the Centre Européen de Rechercheset de Formation aux Arts Verriers (CERFAV) in Nancy.

In 1998, he learnt somatic practices of movements and contemporary dance. In 1999 he got into the European Dance Development Centre (EDDC) in Arnhem, Netherlands.

From that time, he has participated to creations and performances as dancer and performer with La Zouze Company by Christophe Haleb (1999 -2003), the Skalen Collective(2004- 2008), the choreographer Rosalind Crisp (2004), theMi-octobre Company by Serge Ricci (2000- 2012), the Grégoire & Co Company by Sylvie Le Quéré (2009-2010), Hatmen Company by Françoise Tartinville (2012), the Point ZéroCompany by Delphine Caron (2014), the MouvoirCompany by StephanieStephanieThiersch(Deutschland) (2013-2016),and Christian Rizzo (2013-2016).

Aurélie Berland - dancer

Résistance au droit ©Phil Journé

Résistance au droit ©Phil Journé


Aurélie Berland studied contemporary dance at the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP), graduating in 2006. Since then she has worked mainly with Daniel Dobbels in several group and solo pieces, and with Christian and François Ben Aïm in Amor Fati Fati Amor (2008), Résistance au droit (2010), and Valse en trois temps (2010). She has been studying the Laban system of dance movement notation at the CNSMDP since 2011. In 2013 she danced for Christine Gérard in the In Vivo Danse 2013 festival at the Centre Georges Pompidou. In 2014 she danced in a creation of Nacera Belaza and in La légèreté des tempêtes, creation 2014 of Christian and François Ben Aïm.

Florence Casanave - Dancer

© Anne Girard-Le Bot (2014)

© Anne Girard-Le Bot (2014)


Dulcie Best - Costum designer


A graduate of the Welsh College of Music and Drama, Dulcie Best has been a professional costume designer and visual artist since 1990. She has designed the costumes for international events such as the opening ceremony of the Euro 2008 football championship and the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens. In addition to these major productions, she pursues her creative passion by working in the performing arts. She first met Christian and François Ben Aïm in 2006 at a choreographic event featuring 35 artists, and has since designed and made the costumes for a number of their pieces: Louves (2008), L’ogresse des archives et son chien (2011), La Forêt ébouriffée (2013) and La légèreté des tempêtes (2014).

Luc Béril - General manager


Shaula Cambazzu - dancer


Shaula Cambazzu is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, performer, contemporary dance teacher and assistant director. She trained in Italy in classical, modern and contemporary dance and theatre studies. In 1998 she collaborated with the Charleroi/Danses company directed by Frédéric, followed by Compagnie Thor directed by Thierry Smits, with whom she remained until 2003. Since then she has taken part in a range of artistic projects and collaborated with numrous choreographers, directors and musicians in Belgium, France and Quebec (including Adriana Boriello, Michele Pogliani, William Douglas, Claudio Bernardo, Yoshico Chuma, Jan Fabre, Patricia Hontoir, Irvine Arditti, Jamal Youssfi, Lucile Cocito, Jean Michel Van den Eeyden, Karine Ledoyen, Dominique Porte, Sean Tuan, Charlotte Fallon, Ciro Carcatella, Filip Szatarski, and Jan Rzewski). Since 2003 she has created her own choreographic works for the Ars Extremis company in Brussels and the Artistique Théâtre company in Paris. From 1999 to 2004 she belonged to an artists’ collective that worked on the ‘Amalia’ sociocultural project in the Brussels region. In 2007 she was awarded a Master’s degree in Theatre Studies with distinction. She also works with young children, notably in collaboration with the Théâtre de la Guimbarde, and creates shows and workshops specifically designed for the very young. In 2012 she joined the Christian et François Ben Aïm company to run choreographic workshops based on their creations.


Corinne Chachay - dancer


After studying contemporary dance in Switzerland and Paris, Corinne Chachay began her career in the performing arts at the age of 20. She danced in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville with the Philippe Découflé company, and has also danced in productions by the companies of Bill T. Jones, Pedro Pauwels, Ch. Gérard, and A. Dreyfus. Along the way, she started exploring other body-based practices such as improvisation and instant composition with J. Hamilton, acrobatic dance with Les Passagers company, and clowning (with M. Dallaire and F. Pillon), which has led to her involvement in a number of eclectic shows: Opéra Rock Starmania, Opéra Tannhaüser directed by O. Py, Notre Dame de Paris by L. Plamendon and R. Cocciante, and Délirium by Cirque du Soleil. She has worked as a choreographer with singers, actors, dancers and circus artists on the Dol’Trio project at the Théâtre du Châtelet, Le tour du monde en 80 jours with Le CREA company, La boutique de l’Orfèvre with Alliance company, and Le jeu qui nait with Extensy company. The holder of a State Diploma and a Certificate of Competence in Contemporary Dance Teaching, she has developed a versatile teaching method that can be adapted to different needs. She has also studied perceptual teaching, a practice developed by Danis Bois which awakens body awareness in movement, and on which her own personal teaching method is based. In 1998 she performed in L’enfant du miroir by Christian and François Ben Aïm, and since 2012 she has led choreographic workshops based on the company’s shows.

Lee Davern - dancer


Born in Oxford, Lee Davern began training as a professional dancer when he was 20 years old, at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in the UK. He started his performing career with the Dance Theater of Ireland, the Wired Aerial Theater, Tom Dale and Protein companies. In 2007 he collaborated with the Icelandic company Himherandit Productions on a piece that was presented at the Reykjavik Dance Festival, then worked with the Swiss company Alias led by Guilherme Botelho. In 2009 he joined the Jasmin Vardimon company and the Royal Opera House in the UK, before collaborating with DV8 Physical Theater on two productions and international tours. In 2012 he moved to Paris, where he has worked with the Ôma-Belles Embardées company on Animal Social (2011), the choreographer Ingrid Florin in Au nom du père (2013), and the choreographer Kim Brandstrup in the opera Médée (2012). In 2013 he joined the Christian et François Ben Aïm company to reprise a role in La Forêt ébouriffée (2013).

Angélique Friant - metteure en scène, marionnettiste


Après une formation en art dramatique à la Comédie de Reims sous la direction d’Emmanuel Demarcy Mota, Angélique Friant se forme à la marionnette auprès de David Girondin Moab (compagnie Pseudonymo), puis collabore rapidement à ses créations et installations plastiques. En 2006, elle fonde sa compagnie Succursale 101 et commence son expérimentation marionnettique à travers la mise en scène et l’interprétation de plusieurs créations. En 2010, David Girondin Moab et Angélique Friant mettent en place Le Jardin Parallèle, lieu de fabrication, de recherches et d’expérimentations marionnettiques. Ils créent et co-dirigent, depuis 2010, le Festival Orbis Pictus au Palais du Tau à Reims, festival de formes brèves marionnettiques.
En 2012, David Girondin Moab, Angélique Friant et Christian et François Ben Aïm mêlent leurs inspirations et univers artistiques dans une pièce commune et hybride, L’orée des visages.

Vincent Delétang - dancer

©Jean-François Mariotti

©Jean-François Mariotti


After graduating with a degree in English and obtaining his postgraduate certificate in education, Vincent Delétang trained in dance at the Conservatoire National de Région de Paris before studying at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (CNDC) of Angers under Emmanuelle Huynh. In 2008 he performed with the Paco Dècina company, and since 2010 he has collaborated on a number of productions with Carolyn Carlson, for whom he has worked as assistant choreographer and performer in two editions of the Dansewindows project. He has also collaborated with Camille Ollagnier on his project Les Garçons Sauvages, in which he performed the solo Elseneur. He developed his own choreographic writing in the collective DesiDelà, notably creating A deux dans une manche with Virginie Quigneaux. The holder of a State Diploma and a Master’s degree in Culture and Communication, he has developed numerous educational and creative projects for a range of different non-professional groups (schools, hospitals, and associations). In 2013 he joined the Christian et François Ben Aïm company to perform in La Forêt ébouriffée.

Bruno Ferrier - musician, singer


Bruno Ferrier is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and singer who initially trained as a drummer and percussionist, studying modern drumming, traditional tabla drumming with the Indian master Rashmi Bhatt, and African percussion in workshops run by Mama Kouyaté. In 1998 he entered the Pro Musica college and took a two-year course in classical singing, at the same time attending workshops in jazz singing with Michelle Hendricks, Thierry Péala and André Minvielle. He also taught himself polyphonic singing and went on to study jazz vocals and improvisation at the Institution Art Culture Perception in Paris.
Following his training, Bruno Ferrier has worked across a diverse range of disciplines. From 1991 to 2008 he sang on numerous albums, and toured as a singer with world jazz, rock and Asian music groups. He performed classic jazz numbers with the Boogie Night Orchestra, accompanied by a bass player; sang on the album Kalashnik Love by Speed Caravan, a group that blends rock with Arabo-Andalusian beats, Chaâbi, and electronic music; worked with Pososhok, whose music fuses the South African sound with that of other parts of Africa; and he also contributed astonishing improvised vocals to the album Ping Kong by the group DuOud, accompanied by the oud, a traditional Arabian lute.
He first met Christian and François Ben Aïm in 2010, when he worked both as both a singer and percussionist on the piece L’ogresse des archives et son chien (2011) and La légèreté des tempêtes (2014).

David Girondin Moab - metteur en scène - marionnettiste


En 1999, David Girondin Moab, diplômé de l’École Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette de Charleville-Mézières, crée La Cie Pseudonymo. Alternant spectacle et installations, ses créations s’inspirent de textes dans lesquels s’impose la relation de l’humain et de la marionnette. Il crée les scènes d’ombromanie du film The host and the cloud de Pierre Huyghe créé au Centre Pompidou de Paris (2012) et met en scène Edith Scob dans Poisons, performance créée à la Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain. En 2010, David Girondin Moab et Angélique Friant fondent Le Jardin Parallèle, lieu de fabrication, de recherches et d’expérimentations marionnettiques. Ils co-dirigent, depuis 2010, le Festival Orbis Pictus au Palais du Tau à Reims. David Girondin Moab est intervenu en tant que formateur à l’ENSATT de Lyon, à l’Université Paris III, à la Classe de la Comédie de Reims et à l’Ecole polytechnique des Arts de Turku en Finlande.
En 2012, David Girondin Moab, Angélique Friant et Christian et François Ben Aïm mêlent leurs inspirations et univers artistiques dans une pièce commune et hybride, L’orée des visages.

Anne Foucher - dancer


After training as a massage and kinesiology therapist, Anne Foucher studied dance with Carole Hacker and attended workshops and courses led by a number different choreographers. Since 1994 she has worked with a roll-call of choreographers and artists including Richard Mouradian, François Laroche Valière, Pal Frenak, Annie Vigier et Frank Apertet, Dominique Verpraet, Jean-Antoine Bigot and Radhouane El Meddeb. From 1998 to 2005 she performed with the Fattoumi-Lamoureux company, participating in eight of their productions. She created her first solo, Excroissance, and assisted Sophie Lamarche Damoure as an external advisor on the production i. The holder of a State Diploma, Anne Foucher also teaches, runs courses, and participates in a range of events organised by the various companies she works with. In 2005 she joined the Christian et François Ben Aïm company, and has collaborated on their productions En Plein Cœur (2006), Amor Fati Fati Amor (2008), and Valse en trois temps (2010).

Félix Héaulme - danseur

Felix Héaulme commence la danse très jeune au sein du Groupe Grenade dirigé par Josette Baïz, dans lequel il se forme à différentes techniques, et participe à de nombreuses créations.
Il intègre ensuite la compagnie professionnelle de cette dernière de 2006 à 2014 en tant que danseur interprète ou professeur et il s’occupe également de créer quelques modules chorégraphiques pour les jeunes du groupe.
En 2014 il fait la connaissance de Michel Kelemenis, et rejoint sa compagnie pour deux créations.
Au fil des rencontres il participe à des projets divers, avec la compagnie Elephante / Sandra Français, la compagnie Beaver Dam / Edouard Hue, le collectif Fréquence Moteur / Valentine Paley, ou le G.U.I.D / Angelin Preljocaj.

En 2016, il rejoint la compagnie Christian et François Ben Aïm sur la création Brûlent nos cœurs insoumis, puis sur la création Mirages  Les âmes boréales en 2018.

Pierre Galais - Lighting director


Pierre Galais graduated with a diploma in theatre studies from Paris 3-Censier and trained as a lighting technician at the CFPTS (Bagnolet). He then worked for 10 years with Serge de Laubier, an electro-acoustic engineer at the Studios Puce Muse (specialising in technical production and lighting design). Since then he has worked as a lighting designer and/or video production manager with several companies: in music, with Juliet et Moi, Pense-Bete and on several light operas; in dance, with the companies Retouramont (stage management, lighting design, video), Antoine Le Ménestrel, Merlin Nyakam and Isabelle Magnin; and in the theatre, with Josanne Rousseau, Odile Roire and Jade Duviquet. He also works as a production manager, lighting and/or sound engineer for various companies. Since 2012 he collaborated with the Christian et François Ben Aïm company as production manager (apprenticeship) on Valse en trois temps (2010).

Frédéric Kret - cellist


After studying music at the Paris Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music in London, Frédéric Kret performed with the Vuillaume string quartet from 1990 to 1996, presenting a classical repertoire on numerous stages throughout Europe. He went on to play with the orchestra of the Opéra de Paris for ten years. In 2001 he accompanied Isabelle Adjani in La Dame aux Camélias for 100 performances at the Théâtre Marigny. He has also been a studio recording artist for more than 20 years, working on film projects (notably with directors Cédric Klapisch and Roman Polanski), song albums and pop/commercial music recordings. In 1987 he was lucky enough to play with Léo Ferré, the legendary Monegasque live performer, poet and composer, and since then he has toured with several acclaimed French singers including Daphné, Julien Clerc and Vincent Delerm.


Lili Gautier - cellist


Lili Gautier began playing the cello at a very early age in Valencia. The instrument’s rich, warm sound reminded her of the human voice, and she quickly felt the urge to communicate through it. After studying music for five years at the Conservatoire National de Lyon, she trained under cellist Lluis Claret for a further four years at the Scola Musica in Barcelona, completing her education at the CNR of Toulouse from 1994 to 1997. The cello’s broad range has allowed her to play an extremely wide repertoire of music. During her career she has performed with numerous French orchestras: the Orchestre National de Lyon, the Orchestre National du Capitole in Toulouse, the Orchestre National Bayonne Côte Basque and the Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine. She has also performed as a solo cellist with the Ensemble Orchestral de Bordeaux since 2007, and was a joint soloist with the Royal Opera of Stockholm in 2008 and 2009. Lili Gautier obtained her national diploma in 1997, and now divides her time between teaching and performing as a soloist, in chamber orchestras and major orchestras. Lili Gautier’s first collaboration with Christian and François Ben Aïm is on their creation La légèreté des tempêtes (2014).


Mélodie Gonzales - Dancer



Peggy Grelat-Dupont - dancer


Peggy Grelat-Dupont trained at the Opéra de Paris dance school before entering the Opéra de Paris ballet corps, where she remained for seven years. She then moved to Germany, where she danced with the Ballet Frankfurt for five years under the direction of William Forsythe. Back in France, she worked with Edouard Lock, the Opéra de Lyon with Christian Rizzo, Rachid Ouramdam, Sara Mitchelson, and Pierre Droulers, before joining Maguy Marin’s team at the Centre Chorégraphique National (CCN) of Rillieux-la-Pape. She remained there for three years, collaborating on all of their workshops and special events. More recently, she has worked with Boris Charmatz on three of his creations, and performed in Sacre du Printemps by Sasha Waltz. In 2010 she joined the Christian et François Ben Aïm company to perform in L’ogresse des archives et son chien (2011).

Waldemar Kretchkowsky - dancer


Waldemar Kretchkowsky studied choreography at a vocational college of arts and culture in Ukraine, where his education introduced him to new forms of aesthetic expression. He later formed his own company and developed his creative ideas through various productions. He then left his country for France, where he joined the E.X.E.R.C.E. training programme at the Centre Chorégraphique National (CCN) of Montpellier (2001–2002). Since then he has pursued a double career as a dancer (with Michelle Murray, Florence Saul, Fiorenza Menini, Luc Maubon, Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, Gilles Verièpe, Rita Cioffi and Eva Klimackova) and choreographer-performer. In 2010 he joined the Christian et François Ben Aïm company to collaborate on L’Ogresse des archives et son chien (2011).

Philippe Le Goff - Compositeur, artiste sonore


In addition to his role as Managing Director and Artistic Director of Césaré (Centre national de création musicale – the national centre for musical creation) in Reims, Philippe Le Goff teaches at ESAD in Reims (Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design – the college of art and design) and at INALCO in Paris (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales – the national institute of Asian languages and civilisations). His career as a composer and sound artist is inextricably linked with the ‘Grand Nord’ – his beloved northern France – a region that he has regularly explored for more than 20 years. His work, which has for a long time focused on vocals and soundscapes, is continually driven by his investigations into the spoken word and language, and the issues they raise concerning context and transmission. Since 2002 he has been developing a cycle entitled Nature Blues, a reflection on man and nature that speaks to these investigations. In 2012 he created a musical composition for L’orée des visages, a collaboration between Christian and François Ben Aïm and the company Pseudonymo.

Laurent Patissier - Lighting designer


After an eclectic early career in special events and television, followed by 15 years in the lighting industry (working on shows, national and international tours), Laurent Patissier decided to focus on lighting design for the performing arts. He has worked as a lighting designer on theatre productions, dance performances, puppet shows, music concerts and exhibitions, and has collaborated with a roll-call of performing artists and companies, including Luc Laporte, Brice Coupey, Franck II Louise, Etienne Pommeret, Valérie Grail, Jérôme Pisani et Nathalie Rafal, Christophe Cagnolari, Sandrine Roche, Merlin Nyakam, Ma Fu Liang, La Danse du Chien, Sophie Landry, Agnès Sighicelli, François Boursier, Vincent Dussart and Emmanuel Letourneux. He recently designed the lighting for the contemporary dance pieces Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide by Die Donau (Andréa Sitter) and Il Progetto Indispensabile by La Ventura company (Ana Ventura); the Hip Hop dance duo Phorm (David Colas and Santiago); the play La Permanence des Choses, un Essai sur l’Inquiétude by the Association Perspective Nevski (Sandrine Roche); and the puppet show Avis de Messe Marionettique by the Contre Ciel company (Luc Laporte).
Laurent Patissier first worked with the Christian et François Ben Aïm company in 1998 on L’homme rapaillé, and since 2004 has designed the lighting for all of their pieces.

Paolo Locci - circus artist


Paolo Locci honed his circus skills at the FLIC circus school in Turin and the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels, specialising in Chinese pole and hand-to-hand acrobatics. Back in Turin, he returned to the FLIC circus school as a teacher (Chinese pole), running workshops for professionals and amateurs. In 2009 he formed his own company, Ibonobi, while continuing to perform with several circuses and street theatre companies. He joined the Christian et François Ben Aïm company in 2010 to perform in the piece L’Ogresse des archives et son chien (2011).



After obtaining his Certificate of apprenticeship in sound and lighting, Patrice Pépin trained as a general manager at the CFPTS, and has since worked with several companies. He joined Christian and François Ben Aïm in 2013 as lighting director on La forêt ébouriffée (2013).

Grégoire Puren - Dancer, circus artist


The son of an actor, Grégoire Puren started performing for audiences from a very early age, and followed a complementary path by entering the Annie Fratellini circus school followed by Le Samovar theatre school in Paris. His early projects culminated in street theatre and company productions, in which he applied his multidisciplinary training in commedia dell’arte, clowning, acrobatics, Chinese pole and physical theatre, collaborating with Claire Heggen, Amy Atthab, Pina Blankevort, Franck Dinet, and the Malabar, Rasposo and Les Sangles companies. Since then he has continued to explore contemporary forms of artistic expression and the world of choreography by regularly attending workshops and courses with Catherine Dubois, Jordi Vidal and Jackie Taffanel, among others. He started working with Christian and François Ben Aïm in 2010, performing in L’Ogresse des archives et son chien (2011) and La Forêt ébouriffée (2013).

Jean-Baptiste Sabiani - Composer


Jean-Baptiste Sabiani studied at the Centre d’Information Musicale (CIM) before following a five-year programme at the American School of Modern Music from 1990 to 1995, specialising in piano. During his career he has written, recorded and arranged compositions in the fields of jazz, theatre and film. Since 2010, he has composed and/or arranged the musical scores for all of the productions written by Christian and François Ben Aïm: Résistance au droit (2010), Valse en trois temps (2010), L’ogresse des archives et son chien (2011), Karma (2013), La Forêt ébouriffée (2013) and La légèreté des tempêtes (2014).

Malik Soarès - musician, singer

©Devile Photographe

©Devile Photographe


Malik Soarès is a self-taught composer and performer. He began his career in theatre and dance in 2003, collaborating with the author and director Lilian Lloyd. He has also worked as a composer and performer on a number of events with the choreographer Hamid Ben Mahi and with the theatre companies Solentiname and L’Oeil Brun. In 2011 he created his first musical composition, Ce(ux) que nous sommes…, in which he combines a variety of artistic disciplines to reflect on issues surrounding exclusion and the future. He is currently working on his first album (2013-2014), with his group Red Castle.
He first collaborated with choreographers Christian and François Ben Aïm in 2007 on the show You’re a bird now!, and has since regularly participated in the company’s events.


Pierre-Emmanuel Sorignet - dancer


The sociologist, dancer and choreographer Pierre-Emmanuel Sorignet is a research associate in the social sciences laboratory of the Ecole Normale Supérieure and a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Lausanne. His sociological work focuses primarily on the dance profession, and he has written numerous articles on the subject. A summary of his work was published in 2010 in a book entitled Danser, enquête dans les coulisses d’une vocation, published by La Découverte. He began his performing career in 1993 with Philippe Glass, in a dance piece choreographed by Birgitta Trommler (in Germany), later working with the company Silenda. From 2006 to 2010 he danced with the Centre Chorégraphique National (CCN) of Caen Fattoumi-Lamoureux. He started working with the Christian et François Ben Aïm company in 1999, when he reprised a role in Un homme en marche (1999), and has since collaborated on En plein cœur (2006), L’Ogresse des archives et son chien (2011), and on several special events projects. In 2013 he choreographed his own piece Un camion dans la tête.

Spartacus - cast member


Spartacus trained at the Actors Studio in New York before going on to play opposite some of the world’s greatest actors on stage and screen. His numerous film credits include The Shining, Man Bites Dog (original title: C’est arrivé près de chez vous), and Titanic. While filming Black Swan he was spotted by the choreographer Benjamin Millepied, who offered him a role in his next ballet. Having grown tired of performing entrechats, he instead opted to join Christian and François Ben Aïm in 2011, appearing in their new creation, L’Ogresse des archives et son chien. This piece enabled him to showcase his skills both as a talented contemporary dancer and a circus artist. Spartacus marries heartfelt emotion with technical ability, and he enjoys an ideal working relationship with technical staff. He is currently the director of his own company, Godzilla Entertainment, based in Montreuil (east Paris).

Mathilde Sternat - cellist


After winning First Prize in cello and chamber music at the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP), Mathilde Sternat completed her studies by taking an advanced course in chamber music. She was invited to join the Orchestre Symphonique de Montpellier and the Concerts Pasdeloup in Paris as a solo cellist, and has played in numerous concerts with the Salzburg chamber orchestra. An eclectic musician, she has also performed with popular singers and entertainers (including Bruel, Elodie Frégé, Nolwen Leroy and Voulzy), both in their live shows and on their albums. In 2004 Mathilde Sternat and Anne Gravoin founded the Travelling Quartet, a group of classically trained musicians who revisit the Beatles’ repertoire of hits. She joined Christian and François Ben Aïm in 2010 to work on L’Ogresse des archives et son chien (2011), and recently in La légèreté des tempêtes (2014).

Sébastien Teulié - Sound director


Pierre-Antoine Thierry - Illustrator, graphic designer


Pierre-Antoine Thierry (Titwane) is an illustrator and graphic designer. As an illustrator, he has worked for publishers (children’s and adult’s publications), the press, and television. He is notably the author of Enquêtes générales, une immersion au cœur de la brigade de répression du banditisme with Raynal Pellicer, published by La Martinière (2013). He has also produced a number of sketchbooks. As a graphic designer he works mainly for clients in the arts and culture sectors: theatres, dance companies, record labels and local collectives. He also teaches drawing at Brassart de Tours school. In addition to numerous communication tools, he has created the scenography for Ne vous fiez pas au titre, il peut encore changer, Carcasses, un œil pour deux, En plein cœur (2006), You’re a bird, now! (2007), Amor fati fati amor (2008) and Résistance au droit (2010) for the Christian et François Ben Aïm company.




Mélusine Thiry trained as an audiovisual artist and now works in the performing arts sector as a videographer. She also creates visual effects and lighting props for musical and concerts, children’s shows and dance performances. As an author and illustrator, she has published children’s books since 2008. She has worked as a videographer and/or author on several creatons by the Christian et François Ben Aïm company: You’re a bird, now! (2009) Résistance au droit (2010), L’Ogresse des archives et son chien (2011) and La Forêt ébouriffée (2013).

Gill Viandier - dancer


After graduating with a degree in architecture in 1997, Gill Viandier decided to explore the world of contemporary dance, training mainly at the Centre Chorégraphique National (CCN) of Rennes with Catherine Diverrès, and at the CCN of Montpellier with Mathilde Monnier. In 1999 he joined Jackie Taffanel’s company, and since 2003 he has worked with the companies of Michèle Murray, Didier Théron, Hélène Cathala, Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, Georges Appaix, Christophe Haleb and Philippe Saire. Gill Viandier is also interested in visual art and set design. He made his first theatre set design in 2007, and created public space performance installations with the site-specific project #Number#. As a musician, he has participated in lyrical and improvised projects in Denis Tricot’s L’Orgue de bois. In 2009 he moved to Berlin, where he has worked with Willi Dorner, William Forsythe and Christoph Winkler, along with Hans Tuerlings in the Netherlands. He has collaborated with Christian and François Ben Aïm in the pieces L’Ogresse des archives et son chien (2011) and La Forêt ébouriffée (2013).

Cécile Zanibelli - dancer


Cécile Zanibelli trained at the Théâtre en Actes theatre school and collaborated with directors François Kergourlay, Denis Lachaud, Etienne Pommeret, Thierry Bédard, Christophe Perrier and Benjamin Knobil. She also worked on a number of France Culture radio dramas with Claude Guerre, Jean Mathieu Zahnd and Juliette Heymann. During this time she trained as a contemporary dancer and worked on theatre, music and choreographic productions directed by Eric Bergeonneau (FITD, Burkina Faso), Guillermo Bothello, Annick Pütz ,Valérie Philippin and Elodie Chanut. She discovered street theatre and dance with the companies Nadja, Artonik and Téatralala, and created a solo dance piece performed in bars and other unusual spaces. In 2012 she created Nartaki with the L’essieu des mondes company, an Indian musical dance narrative, and Derrière la vitre with the Téatralala company. She also worked with Les piétons de la place des fêtes as assistant director on Vaterland. In 2013 she worked on the production Retour by Docking. For Cécile Zanibelli, education and creativity are closely linked: since 2000 she has run several theatre and choreographic workshops (for adults and children) for the companies Point Virgule, Les piétons de la place des fêtes and L’œil des Cariatides, and she also teaches a choreographic play workshop at Cours Florent. She has run choreographic workshops for the Christian et François Ben Aïm company for several years.