Mangrove groove, Shenzen (Chine) ©Julien Panie

Mangrove groove, Shenzen (Chine) ©Julien Panie

Les quatre saisons de l'amour, Paris ©DR

Seiko, Paris ©DR


The apparent poetry of a process and company dedicated to artistic creation is underpinned by the most incredible productions that bring together a variety of techniques and talents: ambitious projects, special events, and spectacular performances created for specific commissions, that combine the stagecraft and directing skills of Christian and François Ben Aïm.

The brothers join forces to organise major events, commissioned by organisations in both the private and public sectors. The challenge? To fulfil demanding creative briefs and produce customised shows on a grand scale, sometimes involving more than 50 performers halfway around the world. These productions unleash their imaginations, and harness multiple techniques and technologies (truss systems, circus skills, pyrotechnics, digital technologies), like great multimedia ballet performances. Though sophisticated in terms of their effect and visual impact, the choreographers’ productions place movement at their core, making them veritable maelstroms of dance, music, circus or images.

For every event they rely on artists who are specialists in their disciplines, while taking on the multi-tasking role of producers, directors and talent managers to meet the requirements of the most wide-ranging projects.


Few collaborations :



Convention Réseau Renault 2014
Event organiser: Lever de Rideau
Place: Euroexpo, Lyon
Choreography of 5 dance and multimedia scenes of the show, for 1 dancer interacting with the video


Permanent show
Event organiser: ECA2
Place: Shenzhen, China
Choreography for show featuring 50 dancers and acrobats


Gala dinner for Amway – China
Event organiser: ECA2
Place: Parc des expositions, Versailles, France
Choreography of 5 dance scenes of the show, for 34 dancers and acrobats


Party to celebrate the brand’s 250th anniversary
Event organiser: MV Production
Place: La Sorbonne, Paris, France
Choreography for dance interludes performed by five dancers during the gala dinner

2005 – SEIKO

Press launch party for Spring Drive watch
Production company/Event organiser: Esprit de Luxe
Place: Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France
Choreography for dance pieces on the subject of time, featuring four dancers

2003 – PFIZER

Symposium on neuropathic pain
Production company/Event organiser: Lever de Rideau
Place: Musée Christofle, Paris-Saint-Denis, France
Choreography for dance pieces for six dancers