The Ben Aïm brothers are dancer-choreographers who have developed a rich body of work consisting of some twenty original productions during their twenty-year partnership, strengthened by collaborations with other artists from diverse backgrounds.
Their story reads like a ploughed furrow, dug with the expertise of field workers liaising with performance spaces and communities.


In 1997, the brothers created their cornerstone piece: A l’ abri du regard des hommes, avant d’aller mourir ailleurs, a hybrid performance in which dancers and actors share and feed off each other’s raw physical energy. La Frontera and Ne vous fiez pas au titre, il peut encore changer followed in the same vein, showcasing a style of dance that blends subtle humour with elements of surprise.
Other signature pieces include the diptych inspired by the work of Bernard-Marie Koltès, Carcasses, un œil pour deux and En plein cœur, whose original scenography and music resonate with the playwright’s text.
L’ogresse des archives et son chien (2011) plays fully on the intersection of different disciplines, while Valse en trois temps flirts with minimalism.
La légèreté des tempêtes (2014), Peuplé, dépeuplé (2016) and Brûlent nos cœurs insoumis (2017) all confirm the essential part live music plays in their work, by bringing together dancers and musicians on stage to perform original compositions.

The venues

All this has been possible thanks to the loyal support of numerous performance spaces, including municipal theatres (the Théâtre de La Madeleine de Troyes, where they were partner artists for six years), national theatres, and Centres Chorégraphiques Nationaux. They are currently in residence at the Centre des Bords de Marne du Perreux-sur-Marne, and associate artists at the Théâtre de Châtillon.

The company’s development is characterised by open-mindedness, exemplified by intimate solos that open up towards large-scale pieces, a physical style of writing that engages with cross-disciplinary art forms, and connections that lead to partnerships both within their local communities and abroad. It is also characterised by passion, which is always reignited when they push artistic and geographic boundaries.